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A textured black surface featuring a golden logo with the letters "D","J", “B”,”A”,”D”, prominently displayed. In between the letters, there's an illustrated silhouette of DJ Bad Tha Problem holding a one hand up in the air. An emblem with a cursive "D" and a star is visible on the left side of the logo.

DJ BAD THA PROBLEM is a professional DJ, as well as the Founder and CEO of the independent record label CERTIFIED HITz Music Group. In addition to BAD's roles as a producer and A&R, BAD has achieved significant success with mixtapes, which have garnered millions of streams.

Eli, also known as DJ BAD THA PROBLEM, always harbored a deep passion for music. DJ BAD's journey into the world of music began when BAD stumbled upon a documentary about Hip Hop and the music industry.

DJ BAD flooded the internet with mixtapes, tirelessly dropping new projects week after week for two years straight. This unrelenting work ethic began to attract attention and open doors that were initially closed. Over time, DJ BAD's mixtapes gained widespread recognition and garnered millions of streams.

Today, DJ BAD THA PROBLEM continues to share passion for music, producing mixtapes, and collaborating with various artists and brands. DJ BAD has worked with major names like Bricksquad Ent., Short Dawg, and Duck Tape Ent., as well as independent artists, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.

​DJ BAD remains actively engaged in the music industry, working closely with artists such as City The Great (Special Ed's Artist) and Poka Jones. While cultivating a record label, CERTIFIED HITz Music Group. DJ BAD's mixtapes have achieved over 4.1 million streams, and BAD's influence continues to grow, cementing a place as a dedicated and influential figure in the music industry. DJ BAD THA PROBLEM's journey is a testament to unwavering passion, resilience, and commitment to the art of music.

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