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CEO Of CERTIFIED HITz Music Group / Producer/ A&R / City The Great & Poka Jones Official DJ / Team Titan DJ's / 24K Mixtape DJ's

24K Mixtapes
Team Titan DJ's

Born and raised in New Jersey, Eli, known in the music world as DJ BAD THA PROBLEM, always harbored a deep passion for the music industry. Eli’s journey into the world of music began at the age of 16 when Eli stumbled upon a documentary about Hip Hop and the music industry. This documentary featured iconic figures like Kanye West, DJ Scratch, DJ Drama, and Dr. Dre, each showcasing their unique talents and contributions to the industry. For DJ BAD, this documentary served as a source of inspiration, igniting love not only for music but also for the art of production. DJ BAD vividly recalls, "I wanted to learn how to do it all."


Determined to turn a dream into reality, DJ BAD received generous gifts for Christmas – a collection of studio equipment. Armed with this equipment and a thirst for knowledge, DJ BAD transformed a bedroom into a makeshift studio and began practicing relentlessly after school. DJ BAD’s dedication led BAD to delve into the intricacies of music production, audio engineering, and the music business.


At the age of 18, DJ BAD acquired a set of CDJs and a mixer, setting sights on becoming a DJ. DJ BAD devoured YouTube tutorials, learning the art of mixing, blending, and remixing. With each passing day, DJ BAD’s skills improved, and started uploading mixes to platforms like Myspace and Soundcloud, where they began to gain traction. The positive feedback and growing number of friend requests on Myspace were early signs that DJ BAD's talent was catching the attention of music enthusiasts.


​Building on online success, DJ BAD began collaborating with unsigned artists who had connected with on Myspace. Together, they created mixtapes with the shared goal of helping these artists break into the industry and secure deals with major labels. This dedication to unsigned talent led BAD to join Purple Label Ent, an independent label where BAD worked alongside artists like 45 Tha Feva, who would later work with Young Jeezy's label, CTE.


​Transitioning from Myspace to Twitter, DJ BAD continued to network and promote artists and mixtapes. DJ BAD’s determination paid off when BAD crossed paths with DJ Kelo, Sean Kingston's former DJ. BAD had shared dreams with DJ Kelo, who became a mentor and a pivotal figure in BAD’s career. This connection led to DJ BAD joining Team Titan DJ’s, a turning point in BAD’s journey.


With Team Titan DJ’s, DJ BAD flooded the internet with mixtapes, tirelessly dropping new project week after week for two years straight. This unrelenting work ethic began to attract attention and open doors that were initially closed. Over time, DJ BAD's mixtapes gained widespread recognition and garnered millions of streams.


​In addition to mixtape success, DJ BAD ventured into the world of radio, hosting a show titled "Tha Problem Hour" on Da Grind Music Radio, an internet radio station. DJ BAD’s radio gig expanded BAD’s reach and introduced BAD to a broader audience.


​Today, DJ BAD THA PROBLEM continues to share passion for music, producing mixtapes, and collaborating with various artists and brands. DJ BAD has worked with major names like Bricksquad Ent., Short Dawg, and Duck Tape Ent., as well as independent artists, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.

DJ BAD remains actively engaged in the music industry, working closely with artists such as City The Great (Special Ed’s Artist) and Poka Jones. While cultivating a record label, CERTIFIED HITz Music Group. DJ BAD’s mixtapes have achieved over 4.1 million streams, and BAD’s influence continues to grow, cementing a place as a dedicated and influential figure in the music industry. DJ BAD THA PROBLEM's journey is a testament to unwavering passion, resilience, and commitment to the art of music.

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